Is it possible to share ,and collaborate with ur Friends/Co-workers

Is there a possible way I can share projects with Friends ,or Co-workers.

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Currently there is no easy way to do it.

But that still means there is a way to do it right?

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ya there is
in llegggacy or new ui

use the share option

try this
in new ui

Can someone teach me how to do it or send me a link to a video?

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are talking for new ui
then follow

and for old ui

Let us assume that you are a team leader with 2 members in your team and you want to develop an app with 5 screens.

You will arrange with the team that you will take 1 screen, for example, login, sign up and profile functions.

Each of your other two members will take 2 screens.

When the development is done, your team members will share their work with you using the share feature or just giving you the URL link of their project.

When you get the projects from your team, you need to go to each screen and SAVE it to become a saved screen.

Now go to your project and add the screens which you will see from the saved screen list.

This way, all the 5 screens are now in one single project which you can put your final touches and make it a working app.

Hope this answers your query.
When there is a well, there is a way


Thank You for your help.

share btn is there in new ui now welll