How to export/import project to work together

I have searched for the answer and I found that the only way to share a project is to create two separate projects and have each person work on different screens. Then, when ready, save the screen(s) from one project and import them as a saved screen into the other.

As I am new to the platform and struggle to find a way to import/export projects, I would like some help on what steps do I have to take to export and import work so that me and my friends can work together?
Thank you in advance for the help.


Export: There is a Save As Page on the page component.
Import: Add a new page at the top, just select copy my page.
Note: Invisible components will also be copied (to the top of the invisible components).

Welcome to Thunkable. At the moment the DnD UI cannot perform screen import and therefore you will not be able to share project the way you described.

However, if you and your partner(s) will be working with the StP UI then you can segregate works by screen and have each one of the group design and work in one screen but before this step you will need to plan what invisible components the group will use and the Group Master would need to first create the first screen in the project and add all invisible components to the screen then share this project (with invisible components) to the group so that every member adds the part he/she is working with.

In the end all members will share their individual work with the Group Master who will go through each project and save the screen in that project to My Saved Screens. Once this is done the Group Master will open the his/her project and start to add the saved screens one after the other to the project and do the final touches.

Hope that will help

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