Source Code - Combining Screens from Different Projects

I am working with a Girls Who Code club and each student is working on their own iOS app screen in their personal Thunkable accounts. Does anyone know how we can merge these projects into one? We are also struggling to find the source code.

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Hi @Eileen_Flores, there’s no backpack available in iOS at the moment, so the only real way to merge separate projects is by transcribing one into the other.

Regarding the source code, iOS (and Thunkable X) does away with the cumbersome process of downloading and uploading project files by replacing this process with a “Share” button. This will allow you to clone an entire project with just the click of a button.

Like Eileen - I am working with a Girls Who Code club and we would like to combine projects as well. I have shared one of the girls projects with mine and now both projects in my “gallery”. Is there a way to take the screens from the one project and “move” or “copy” them into the other project easily? I am a true novice with this so I am not sure when you said “clone”…how best to do this. By the way, the girls really like Thunkables! Thank you

Hey @fkisker

Just closing the loop on this - we now have the ability to save screens add/combine them in different projects.


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