Combining Screens from Different Accounts to Merge Together

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I am teacher leading different groups of girls in a mobile app competition. I am asking if there is an update on ways for the girls to merge or combine screens from different accounts. I saw that you can save an app or screen to combine them, but I think that is under the same account/user name. I have also seen posts about merging that it is not possible, but they were from a year or two ago. Just wondering if this merging of screens from different accounts is possible at all or if there was an update. Is there maybe a 3rd party app that can do this like how you can merge apps in MIT App Inventor? I appreciate all of support, discussions, and tips in this community. I have my fingers crossed.

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You can definitely copy screens even if the project was made in a different account. First remix the project so that it shows up as editable in your account. Then save the screen. Then create a new screen from the saved screen.

Just know that copying screens isn’t a perfect process. You may end up with duplicate variables (I can help you fix that) for example.

I’d like a better way to do it, too! Same story - multiple kids working and we need to merge their stuff.

Doing a remix also messes up database connections. So when we made a copy of their app that used a Google Sheet, it replaced the data source with an internal datasource (with placeholder data). That’d be OK if I could easily put it back to the external Google Sheet, but it required changing /every/single/block/ that pulled values from the sheet. And when I changed each block back to the Google Sheet, I also had to change each column value back from the first one. One at a time. That was a pain, and I won’t remix something with a database component again if I can possibly help it.

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Yeah, that data source link breaking drives me crazy!

I reported a related issue here:

But you might want to make a bug report as well.


I think this is not quite the same bug, so I’ll file another. Thanks.

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Will the database issue also occur if they use Fire base or Airtable? Are these easier to remix and copy over than using Google sheet?

Airtable, yes. Google Sheets, yet.

Firebase, no. Firebase is really nice because you just use text strings to indicate paths to values. So there’s no additional block needed that might get un-synced when you copy or restore a screen.

Firebase is definitely the way to avoid this problem.