Merge projets created by students - copy screens?

Hello to all,
I am a French educator working with pupils in different schools, on programming activities.
I do need to find a way to merge different projects created by our students into one single app, but cannot find a way with the new version.

Last year I started working on a project with vocational high school students. We first did activities to discover programming and the Thunkable platform, created different teams of students who started working on the app contents. Each team has a Google account and associated Thunkable account (free version). In September, the teams started coding their apps in Thunkable. I suggested they used the โ€œnew drag and dropโ€ interface as I found it easier to use for students. Each team is creating a part of the app. In a few weeks, we will need to merge their creations into one single app. I was expecting doing it by grouping all their projects on one account, and the using the copy screen function that I used to use with the former version, as depicted here : ๐ŸŽ‰ Latest Thunkable โœ• Release; Save Screens is here! 2020-02-27 - #6 by kartik14

Unfortunately, I cannot find how to do so in the new drag and drop interface.
Can someone please tell me how to do so, or, how to find another way of merging several apps made by students into a single one within the new interface?

@domhnall and/or @barreeeiroo , do you have an idea, or do you know teachers that have similar problems?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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This would be very useful for working with students. The Drag & Drop interface does not yet have the ability to copy screens.

The only way I can think to do this is to publish each project as a web app and then make a website (e.g. Google Site) that has links to each project.


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