[Solved] I’d like to collaborate on a build, is that possible with Thunkable?

lets work together to make something fun and that will help and that will work lets do these as a team and have fun we can update it a lot when we see there ​things that need to be fix we can fix it also if you need help ples ask someone for help or ask me for help also be nice

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Collaboration is great but I’m not sure it’s that simple with Thunkable. I don’t think you can share a project file, for example. So that makes more than one person coding an app difficult.

If you have an idea for a project, you could share that and see if other people have ideas to improve it. It’s hard to start with nothing and try to team up because people don’t know which skills they bring to the team.


ok thx for telling me

Hey @99f5314 :wave:
This sounds cool. You can collaborate but it’s a bit tough. Usually this involves user A making edits, giving user B a share link. User B then makes edits and provides a share link back to user A etc.

With a Business plan, you can save and share screens between projects. A bit more convenient of a way to collaborate

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