Thunkable x collaboration


I’ve been playing with Thunkable for many years and have been great with the design, but need to get my head around the development side. Since the Thunkable X Pro is paid for, I’m assuming that there is no problem in thinking that some people might be happy to create apps for commercial purposes and make the money back from the costs of their own time and to fund the use of the Thunkable Pro Subscription.

I am looking to team up with someone with the knowledge of the block/coding/database side of things to produce some seriously good apps. I would like to do a few cross platform apps to warm up to see how we could work collaborative and look at going from there.

In return, I am an accomplished designer and have the ability to make any app look like its been designed by a big time company (i just don’t have the ability to make them work as i’d like, that’s where you come in).

If this isn’t for you and your using the platform for educational/hobby purposes, please don’t judge me for advertising this kind of collaboration, I would much rather use Thunkable X than any other platform.

If your interested, please feel free to contact me. All we need is a few ideas (I have had a go at creating a good one recently but fell down at the blocks stage) for an app and we can get on with having a go and see where we get.

Hope to speak to you soon :slight_smile: