Please give us a third version Thunkable x for private and education

Could‘nt it be possible to offer a version of thunkable x with the same features as the present version but without the possibility to publish for ios and android?
Then for publishing you would use the pro version.
That would help for testing, private use with Thunkable Live and for education purpose.
For people that do not want to earn money that would give the possibility to discover Thunkable x, to help you finding errors or giving advice.
But it would give us the possibility to test ideas that we do not like to publish due to privacy or other reasons.
Those who want to earn money with apps could transfer projects to an account woth Thunkable Pro.
Do not misunderstand me. I like to publish most of my projects to the public. But not all of them. Many of us test various ideas and possibly do not continue with them. These project fragments will spoil your Thunkable Gallery. So other developers will not easily find interesting and useful projects in the Gallery. And, by the way, I do not earn money with apps. So I do not pay for publishing on Apple. So why should I pay the same amount of money for Thunkable.