Welcome to Thunkable Pro (opinion)

It’s a sick cash grab by the developers who doesn’t care about it’s community

Soooo our stuff is no longer private, gee thanks, you know I really liked the fact that people didn’t know what software I used to make my apps.

What was wrong with the old system? You were pushing updates for the community? Ohhhh but that’s right, you didn’t earn a dime from it.

Thunkable was sort of intended to be used in a classroom inviroment too, oh but you chucked that one out the window too with your no privacy rule

I get it you need money, here’s an idea, shove our apps full of ads and profit from them, oh but you were never gonna actually ad ads in Thunkable X, because that’s what the community wanted.

There are tons of developers out there who are young and some don’t even have debit/credit cards yet and don’t have any money, they used to use Thunkable X for fun and to show off to people what they could do…whilst still being anonymous to what they used to create it.

Beaver, do you give a damn about your community anymore, or is it just a big cash grab sceme now?

Discussions are greatly appreciated down below :slight_smile:


Cmon can’t you people criticize gently ?

I’ve got a question for you, why do you make apps ? If it’s for passion, what I’m about to say, if it’s to teach students maybe it’s not for you, but mostly you do it for money. This team is giving you a big tool to make your apps as you want them, you can basically just develop your own Thunkable if this one is not good enough for you. To tell you I once tried to start coding and urgh it’s so annoying I’m glad people made it easier for me. Please feel free to visit https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/ and https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/referencelibrary/GettingStarted/DevelopiOSAppsSwift/ to start coding on your own without any platform. Unless you get hacked or stolen, no data will be shared, nobody will steal your idea (cmon I don’t think your making NASA’a secret app on Thunkable) and you’ll have a lot more which will be very fun and entertaining to discover. Please don’t critizice what you use and what people are doing for you, they have the right to eat and 100$/year is not that expensive

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I don’t make money off of my apps made with Thunkable, The Team gave me this big tool, with all the features we all won’t not in it, they even took a step backwards by adding their splash screen, I’m happy people made coding easy for me, but then they messed it all up

$100 a year is expensive to a student’s POV

I don’t have a Mac, nor am I paying Apple’s ridiculous fees to publish

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Then just tell them quietly, propose things. Call a member, send a message and ask them to make Polls (https://www.strawpoll.me/) for us to choose what to add next or i don’t know, hate won’t make them look forward to your requests and will certainly not make them want to help you when you’ll have an issue.

Then just try to make money from your apps. If they’re not to make money just let them be public. I assure you people get hundreds of ideas a day, they won’t steal yours I promess

Why should we disclose this information gently? It hurts them, that’s the point, this message needs to get to people


Just be gentle, that’s all we ask, not that hard buddy please, life moves forward and so do they and so you should

How can I make money from my apps, if I cannot put ONE single advertisement in it

That’s not up to me, it’s up to Thunkable to put that in

They are moving in the completely wrong direction for their consumers, for themselves, sure


Well, I make apps for my personal use in family, I use names and other info in my apps and other things I don’t weant everyone to see. I got a job 100% and in the sparetime I don’t have time to make apps for earnings, I use it for personal use only. And since it’s free I don’t need to sit at the computer every day to make up for the money I spend on this service, since it’s free of charge. But if this will in the future cost 20$ each month or 100$ a year, then thta’s alot for only personal use/hobby. My optinion!


They’re surely working on it. Make a letter that we can all sign to send them so they can make this their top 1 priority.

That’s where your wrong, I don’t think you own Thunkable or that they owe you something, you are using their tool, they give you something, don’t ask too much and give time. If they publish an admob component that hasn’t been fully tested, you’ll come up with another topic complaining on the bugs of the AdMob component. Don’t rush mate.

Here is not an illuminati blog they’re doing it maybe not top 1 priority

I agree with you on this one, but why don’t you propose an alternative instead of just criticizing.

Completely Agree!

I get you and I agree, maybe we can suggest them to allow us to keep on project secret by account ? But how many will just go and create multiplous accounts. There will always be a problem.

Telling them like that won’t make them change their mind, I think.

I want to clarify something upfront. We are working on our AdMob component. We want them just as much as you do.


However, wasn’t their a post way back saying due to violations with the AdMob TOS, that you couldn’t have AdMob?

No - that is not correct. We are working on making sure that users don’t abuse AdMob and make aps that vioate AdMob rules, such as earning apps, etc. That is the bigger concern.


@amrita Was trying to explain but can you just from your point tell them that things cannot be made in a few hours and that it takes time.

That said, may I suggest your team to publish a sort of roadbook to share with us the community the percentage done of certain component, the ones you’re working on and the ones you’re looking forward to add. I think it would avoid situation like this and make the trust between us the community and you developers grow on the path to make thunkable a better platform.
Once again that is only my opinion.
Nice day :slight_smile:

Perhaps a timeline of some sort? Because being in the dark ain’t that fun

Can’t you be a bit gentle, you’re talking to her team like trash and she is answering kindly, she’s listening to you, just stay calm and polite. Have fun :slight_smile: