Welcome to Thunkable Pro (opinion)


Thank you @AcrobatEpee.

Components that are in the pipeline:

  1. AdMob
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Push Notifications
  4. Blockchain components
  5. Cloud communication
  6. Canvas/gaming components
  7. Listview

There are more, these are just some of them. As soon as I have timelines I can share, I will. We are also growing our engineering team at this time so that we cam hopefully roll out components more quickly. I hope everyone understand that building these components take a lot of engineering resources and we are still only 5 developers.



Your only a team of 5? wow, see now I understand…


If anyone knows any amazing engineers to join our team, do let us know!


This is known. Glad you heard what had to be said. If you now understand better we’re all done here and I’m sure they’ll now keep us updated on their doings.

@amrita Should hire me as Community Manager :joy:

Awesome day all ! :slight_smile:

Many questions on Gallery and Tunkable Pro

I’d like to add a little to Amrita’s points. As Arun writes in our blog post, one of our major goals is to promote the reuse and remixing of Thunkable ✕ projects, in order to enable more users to build better apps. The best way to create great apps is by having publicly available models of other great apps. Related to the above is our goal of giving our app developers a way of showcasing and promoting their projects.

The biggest model for all this is open source software, which is extremely popular and successful in the world of standard software development. Developers of open source software have learned that everyone benefits by sharing their code. It has changed the way almost everyone develops code these days. Open source developers have even found that companies will pay them to improve open source programs and libraries or develop special case enhancements.

That said, sometimes you need or want to develop in private. That is why GitHub (the largest collection of standard open source software in the world) allows developers to create private repositories, for a fee. And that is why we will have have a similar option.

I hope this helps you to understand where this all came from. We understand that it is a change and that change is difficult. We hope that you will all appreciate our desire to grow the overall Thunkable user base and will join and support us.


Introducing the Thunkable Gallery & Thunkable PRO

So you say all of our API keys will be shared with the world?


API key properties will be deleted when your share a project or when a project in the gallery is copied/remixed.


Introducing the Thunkable Gallery & Thunkable PRO

But what if API key is specified in the blocks section?


You should avoid doing that for any public projects. If you really need to specify those API keys via blocks, my recommendation would be to store those keys in Firebase or Airtable (whose API keys would be specified in a protected component property) and retrieve those dynamically in your app. That’s similar to an approach commonly suggested for open source projects in public repositories.

In the future, we hope to have protections in place for blocks, as well.



Soo after the 3 month trial period ends, if we don’t give you money, you will make our apps public for everyone to see

Thunkable users love the anonymity when it comes to publishing apps, they don’t want people to know how they made their apps.

I don’t think anyone asked for Thunkable Pro, because there was nothing wrong with what we had, What if you made the Thunkable Gallery the Pro feature and feature paying customers?


I read somewhere that your projects will be still private but you will not be able to edit them anymore.


I have not found any information about Thunkable classic for public gallery.

is projects developed under Thunkable classic become public after 10/10/2018?


No. Support of Thunkable Classic will stop in late 2019


Yes, Peter is correct.



The gallery will only be for projects built in Thunkable ✕.


Will Thunkable Android not available in future?

Just to clarify what happens after the 3 month trial period ends. Your projects will not be made public – they will stay private but change to a read only mode, which means you can view and live test it – but not edit it (unless you switch it to Public or upgrade to PRO).


100$ For Privacy?

Originally, I didn’t want to say any more to this topic, because everything I wanted to say is said, but Mark keeps referring to this post.

Yes, correct, but GitHub costs 7$ monthly and is free for all students. Your membership is 238% of GitHub’s pricing (I’m using the regular 200$/year price here). I’m not expecting you to compete with Microsoft, but I think that’s a bit too much and it has to be said. Only time will tell what features we can expect for this price




How would anyone expect Thunkable to grow and improve without charging ? Stop your grumbling. AI is University funded. AI would disappear or have to charge if MIT dropped it. I am grateful to have Thunkable and I have no problem sharing my apps. If I come up with a killer app I want to keep to myself, I will gladly pay the fee.

Thanks, Thunkable

p.s. how much time and/or money have you grumblers contributed to Thunkable ???


Since my beginning I was wondering what is the business plan for thunkable. Now I know … $$$