100$ For Privacy?

You all must be knowing about the launch of Thunkable Pro and it’s Gallery…
Like Seriously, WE make apps and like to keep our ideas to ourselves so that. No One would like it if you made a really complex app and someone else just copied it in 2 seconds… If everyone gets access to public gallery then there will me MANY MANY App Developers and then Developing Apps will not be a thing anymore it will be easy as a piece of Pie.
Thunkable really needs to stop this Gallery Thing…
Here is a Message to all Thunkers:
Everyone please do this Poll : https://www.strawpoll.me/16605875


PLEASE REPLY IF YOU HATE THE IDEA OF THUNKABLE PRO. Each of your replies matter :smile:


You joined in August right ?

There is already plenty of debates on this one but my POV is that things need to go on and people need money. The gallery thing is good but I’m ok that complex project shouldn’t be shared that way. The option of keeping 1-2 apps private for free would be a great add.

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Yeah Exactly Atleast we should have 1 or 2 Apps to keep Private or something


BecAuse if you are working on a really great app that can get you millions downloads and lots of money via admob then other users can just remix your Hard work and publish in their name again…


Just to quote myself from another post:

As Arun writes in our blog post , one of our major goals is to promote the reuse and remixing of Thunkable ✕ projects, in order to enable more users to build better apps. The best way to create great apps is by having publicly available models of other great apps. Related to the above is our goal of giving our app developers a way of showcasing and promoting their projects.

The biggest model for all this is open source software, which is extremely popular and successful in the world of standard software development. Developers of open source software have learned that everyone benefits by sharing their code. It has changed the way almost everyone develops code these days. Open source developers have even found that companies will pay them to improve open source programs and libraries or develop special case enhancements.

That said, sometimes you need or want to develop in private. That is why GitHub (the largest collection of standard open source software in the world) allows developers to create private repositories, for a fee. And that is why we will have have a similar option.

I hope this helps you to understand where this all came from. We understand that it is a change and that change is difficult. We hope that you will all appreciate our desire to grow the overall Thunkable user base and will join and support us.


I think if your app will get you that much, 100$ is not much then. You are planning to win money, so for your case it would be normal for Thunkable to take money from you. The cases I’m the more willing to understand are the people doing this for educational purpose which I find is a good thing and shouldn’t be charged, but will surely get to an arrangment between these people and the team.

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I didn’t mean that…

That’s what I read

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I absolutely hate it, See my post

yes its not a good idea. at least classic should not be discontinued. lots of people were having their project in classic and stopping it is like killing their all work. you have to just start everything from scratch in x with compromise of giving access to everyone or else you have to pay them. If someone wants to start from scratch then its better to go with new platform (someone else than thunkable.)

Sorry to say but this is the only option we have.


What I see as a problem is that in Github, you can put an Apache license or another license in the .readme file so other developers will respect your work, and they will only do what you allow in the license. That is great!

However, in Thunkable there is no way to put something alike to a .readme file unless you put it in the app’s code/blocks itself.

I agree that Thunkable must move on and make more money, but first of all Thunkable Pro costs more than Github for developers, while also being less versatile.

Sure, Thunkable isnt at all a competitor to Github, but as there are many other great FREE alternatives to Thunkable right now, I think this move will lead to lower user count.

How to fix this? I propose either making Thunkable Pro cheaper or allowing free users to have up to 2 projects private.

Thanks for your consideration.

Btw, I’ve been using Android Studio for about a year or 2 now. I’ve ocassionally logged onto Thunkable to see the way things are going. I just had to leave this comment here to express my opinions.


I read in the release blog post that apps created before 10/10/2018 will be able to be kept private forever even without paying for Pro… Was I misinterpreting that?

Here’s the quote:

All projects created on Thunkable ✕ before October 10, 2018 can remain private forever with no cost.

If you don’t want your existing projects to appear on the Gallery, please go through your personal app library and decide which apps to keep public or private.

To set your projects to public or private, click the “details” button on a project. You can then click the Public/Private switch.

And here’s the blog post: Launching the Thunkable Gallery & Thunkable PRO

That means that people joining from here on will join knowing that either their projects will be in the public gallery for everyone to play with and remix, or they can pay to have their work kept private.

Those of us who have been here up to this point can keep what we have worked on to this point private, and choose what we want to do about Pro going forward.

Seems like a pretty reasonable deal to me. That is, if I’m understanding things correctly… lol


Yep, you’ve understood correctly! :smiley: All of our existing users can keep their projects private, with the new terms and conditions only applying to new users who sign up after the launch!


I am going to try to present a balanced view here, from both emotional, logical and pragmatic perspectives.

A company, like Thunkable, needs revenue to stay afloat — to pay for their servers, workplace and staff. You do want full time staff in order to develop and maintain the products and services.

And providing a cross-platform IDE for the two major app markets is a valuable unique niche.

However, there may be other ways for Thunkable to make money than saying that all projects have to be pro or public.

For professional app developers, I think that the Pro fee is fair. But for hobbyists who might really struggle to pay $100 (then $200/year) to Thunkable, $25 to Google, $99/year to to Apple, and perhaps other fees, their only option is to give away their ideas or stick with an Android-only IDE. And if they do not want to monetize their apps, these fees become especially steep.

Unlike Apple, there are tons of free Android apps, albeit wrought with
annoying ads because the whole infrastructure is so commercialized.

I would gladly pay a premium for additional Thunkable services, like a soup-to-nuts App Publishing Wizard. To me, programming apps is easy, but publishing is formidable. I am not sure about $20/month though. I shy away from subscription services anyway, preferring to pay a one-time, up-front fee. I purchase software rather than subscribing to it.

And, in all fairness, one should consider being able to publish the same app to both major markets, as a premium service, using the type of drag-n-drop, wysiwyg, real-time development environment that we love so much, as being worth a monthly fee. So I am on the fence here. If it were not for the rest of the family, I could drop cable TV in order to pay for app development and publishing fees. It always comes down to a matter of choices.

If my memory serves me, some MIT spin-offs charge based on whether an app is monetized or not.

I would love my apps to be available to iPhone users, but I have to think carefully about whether that is affordable, especially if I want to start out with totally free apps.

Although much of the thoughts that I share here are emotionally based rather than totally logical, there is validity scattered throughout.

In a sense, I feel that I am reacting like the app users out there who balk at paying $1.99 for an app, when typical computer-based shareware costs $30 to $100. They spend far more than that each time they stop at a convenience store or buy a snack at a fast-food place.

I love Thunkable. Kudos to the staff! It is not really my business what their business model is. Hopefully it is profitable for them.

My only business is deciding whether or not I choose to be part of it. That is solely a matter of personal preference.

I am with you i also move to kodular due to this reason if i working in idea someone stole and remake or else publish it. Our months of work gets spoiled and stolen .
Please remove this gallery or add optio to show thia gallery or not

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I should add that I am pleased with Thunkable’s decision to keep private the early projects of early Thunkable-X adopters.

I would suggest that they also consider the needs of the Thunkable-Classic developers, who, in good faith, invested extensive time and development effort with the understanding that they would be able to complete and maintain their projects over the years.

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THIS IS WHY I CHANGED FROM THUNKABLE AWAY TO AOTHER PLATTFORM. I dont create a app wherer each other can copy my app in 2 second. I will use thunkable and i want will pay if my app is finish and in play store or so but i dont pay for nothing at the start, whats going on if i stop the next two weeks developing and in that time a user opy my app make some things and publish it. Than my new app is useless because of that shit.
And i dont know how much money i will generate.
In my app whiuchj i devvelop now i pay atm a few hundreds of dollar for api keys.
And now people comme and use my app or what.
Or should i pay the next mmoney.

To hae 1 app private will be a good option.
If this will not happen i see black for thunkable.

Appinentor started the test phase for a ios builder, if this builder is online nobody will use thunkable any mmore because of this 100 dollarl.
And thunkable x haver to less commponents that i can say i stay here.

Think of that.
The time runs and appinventor will publish the ios buiolder soon.
110000000% that than this plattform will loose 50 or more of their user.