Many questions on Gallery and Tunkable Pro

I use Thunkable x for private purpose, teaching students and ideas for future book.
I understand that you need money for development.
But I think the fee of $20 is much too high.

  • When I do not mark a project public after October,10 will it be deleted?
  • What about private data in personal projects (Firebase account, names of persons, data of students, ideas for a future book, etc.). This means that Tunkable x will become completely useless for development in private and teaching environment.
  • Do you intend to give us a tool for downloading a project to computer. We would need it to upload a project if we decide to join Thunkable Pro later. Otherwise older private projects would be lost. Maybe users have spent lots of time in development.
  • Will there be a fee for education?
  • Why do you let us pay for a development environment that is far away of beeing complete? I would understand, if the environment is complete like Thunkable classic - but is far away from that.

There are many other questions.
I feel a bit pressed, because of the very short time you let us to decide between public and private.

Until now I was very excited of Thunkable x.

Please think about your decision. Give us a bit more time and please give us a chance for saving (downloding) our private projects.

And very important: In Europe we have to make shure that data published on the internet fit to the General Data Protection Regulation. Projects with private data could conflict when published in you new gallery. So we have to delete them. This is very hard for private or educational users.



I’m also very annoyed by this move on such a short notice. Received the mail on 6 October and the chance will be implemented at 10 October. Giving me just a few days to go through all of my projects (and ‘backups’) to see what I am willing to share.
Since all current users will get a 3 months complementary PRO subscription, the least Thunkable could do is make all projects private by default, giving us time to decide what to do.

I also agree on the completeness of the product. As I have stated a couple of tines before, I am willing to pay for the product. But not in its current state. To little functionality to justify the costs (yet). Also, if I pay for the product, I would at least expect some extra functionality like the possibility to remove the beaver from the startup screen.

Final thought: I think Thunkable should also improve their communication about their roadmap/future developments before I will make the commitment to subscribe to their service. As long as the product is free, I am willing to put up with the uncertainty of not knowing if certain functionality is in the pipeline, but if U pay for a product, I surely need to know if certain funtionalty (in my case access to clock, better listview. Etc) is in the pipeline. Not willing to pay for a service that will turn out to be useless in the end because certain functionality is not available. It is nice that they state that there will be dozens of new cimponents, but that is just to vague to justify spending my money (yet).

So I will see what happens on the 10th of October. Hope they will also introduce a lot of new functions then. If not I might start to look for other solutions.

Not so happy right now. I love the product and think it has great potential. I hope they don’t kill it by this move.

Fingers crossed…

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Hey Rob, I totally agree on what you say as some other Thunkers. I invite you to visit this link where we already had a debate about this subject. I invite you to read it, it has some of the answers you’re searching ! Keep thunking :slight_smile:

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