A question regarding to the thunkable x PRO

If I don’t buy the annual PRO plan, what will happen to my existing project? Will I be able to edit and update them after 1/1/2019?

If you joined Thunkable before 10/4/2018, then you were given complementary Thunkable PRO. After 1/10/2019, users who have not paid for Thunkable PRO will no longer be able to create private projects. Any private projects created after 10/4/2018 will be set to read-only mode. You will not be able to edit these projects, you can either 1) buy Thunkable PRO, or 2) make your project public. We will not make your private projects public without your consent. Any project created before 10/4/2018 is not affected (you will be able to keep them private and edit them, even though you don’t have Thunkable PRO). You can tell which projects are were made before 10/4/2018 because they have a small grey beaver on their project card, as shown below: image

If you sign up to buy Thunkable PRO before 1/1/2019, you can get the promotional price of $100/year. The price will increase to the full price of $200/year after the promotion ends, so if you are thinking of getting PRO, it’s better to get it now instead of later.

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Thanks a lot for your response.

i apologize for the redundancy, but the only think that you get from PRO is the ability to make Private apps?

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