FAQ on thunakble pro

Hi, I have some questions about thunkable pro. I think I need to mention @staff and @thunkers

1.WhatIf, I published an having push notifications by subscribing to pro for one month and the subscription is completed? I mean, will my app stops having push notifications?

2.WhatIf, I published an app or the one mentioned in above and subscribed for pro one month and I added push notifications to it and I decided to update it but thunkable pro time was completed? I mean, Can I update the app with push notifications though the subscription is over. @muneer help me

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The app will continue to work normally until the time you want to modify or update then you will need to buy another one month subscription.

One other thing, a Pro member can choose the project to be PRIVATE. When subscription is over the project will be “Read Only”.

then I couldn’t get back if it was set to private. OMG!!!

  • but whatif it was not set to private? will I be able to access it again?
  1. I was wondering If I could be able to code without subscription and I am happy that it will work normally

Thanks at lot but were there an offers? :sweat_smile:

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Public projects will still be accessible. Even Private ones, you can change them to Public and be able to edit them.

Remember, Public projects can be viewed by any member.