About Pro Membership?

I would like to ask a few questions before purchasing a Pro membership? I will be glad if you reply soon.
I want to purchase my Pro membership on a monthly basis. So I have a few question marks in my mind.

1.I want to update my subscription monthly when I need any update of my Pro subscription or in the play store update request, is it possible?

  1. Will my projects be deleted from Thunkable because I do not renew my subscription at the end of the subscription?

  2. When my monthly subscription expires, will there be any problem in the ad revenue or display of the admob components I use and the applications I publish in the play store?

  3. Will there be any problems with the applications I publish when my subscription for in-app purchases ends?

In short, only one question; I want to start my monthly subscription when I need it and will this cause any disruption to the applications I publish in the shop?

Thanks in advance to those who reply.


Is there anyone who can answer or guide me?

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In short, you can subscribe on monthly basis any time you wish and you can update your subscription any time you wish.

When the subscription expired, you will no longer be able to update private projects as they will appear read only.

You will not lose your existing projects but you will not be able to add new ones if you already have 10 projects.

If any of your apps run as a web app then this project will seize to work until you subscribe again.

Once an app is published to the store, Thunkable has no control over it.

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muneer, thank you for the reply.

When I renew my subscription;

  • Can I update my read-only projects as I want?
  • I can add as many new projects as I want to my project which is 10.

There are many rumors about this!

When my membership expires and in my applications that are live in the store;

  1. My Admob banner, interstitial or bounty ads are said to be replaced with thunkable ads, is this true?
  2. Can I send push notifications to my apps?

I’m tired of you, thanks again…


Yes, you can. Once you resubscribe, these restrictions do not apply any more.

As for Admob and push notifications, I have no idea.

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No. Your ads will stay the same. Thunkable doesn’t push ads on to users apps

Yes. Once your app as published you will still be able to send push notifications


Thank you.

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