The Pro Question

@domhnallohanlon I take pro subscription in thunkable x and I create a private project and add a push notification in it and publish it. Then when my subscription will expire, will that project become public? Will push notifications stop working as push notifications publishing is a pro feature? I think thunkable pro users and team can guide me.
TechIndia Team

Hey @tchind :wave: seems like lots of people have PRO questions today.

No, we will never ever make your private projects public.

What happens with lapsed PRO subscriptions is that private projects go into read-only mode. All your data are saved but the project is no longer editable.

When you need to update a read-only project your then get to choose between switching it to a public project or your can purchase another month of PRO.

No, again, once a project is published as a native app it’s yours forever. We don’t change settings for apps that are published, regardless of membership status.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have any other questions about PRO membership.



@domhnallohanlon I am a student. Is there a discount on membership fee as it is too costly.

@tchind please contact with your .edu email address for more about academic pricing options.