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Hello dear Thunkable community,

for an academic project I started a PRO Subscription to create a private project and share the project as a published web app. As the Project is finished, I don’t need the Features of the Pro Subscription for the moment. For financial reasons, cancelling or stopping the PRO Subscription is necessary for me when I don’t need it at the moment. But I am afraid, that my project is gone or changed to public, if I go back to the Free Subscription. Could anybody answer my question, whether I can simply change the Subscription, but I still have my project? I don’t need to further edit or publish the project, I just don’t want my app to be gone after cancelling.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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From my knowledge, a published app is out of Thunkable hands. It will remain there. I know for sure about GooglePlayStore or AppStore this. Didin’t publishes as web to be 100% sure tho. But i guess is the same thing.


When you cancel your subscription, or actually when it expires, your private projects will change to read only.

You will not be able to use the web app without a subscription.


try asking @staff if they can help you… this most likely seems to be hard but you can ask them if they can stop the subscription and continue that later… but if your app is on web , so i prefer not to go or maybe hosting it on some domain might work… also the projects that are private will remain private ut you cant create anything on them

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This definitely does not work. You need the Thunkable server to run web apps.


Hi @sebgn

There’s a couple things to answer here, let me try to help!

The project is definitely not gone.

If you go from PRO to FREE, we dont make the project public. It’s yours to keep private. We do, however, restrict the ability to then edit that project without making a free copy to edit. The original can always stay private.

The webapp will become unpublished. The project will remain untouched

At the moment, our apps can only be published as webApps on our servers. They cannot be hosted elsewhere.

Thanks @muneer for jumping in here!


Thank you all for your phenomenal and quick help. I did an evaluation with my app, so it is no problem, that it will be unpublished as it doesn’t have a purpose to be published at the moment. Thank you especially @jared for your detailled answer to my questions.


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