Monthly plan on Thunkable

Hi everybody,
im finishing my app and i’ll publish it soon on apple and android stores.
As the app creator is not my first job and i’m not planning to create another app in the next future (i need a rest, it’s exhausting!), how does the monthly/annual PRO version work?
Can i just pay for one month and then publish the app, or once that the PRO version has expired my app won’t be available on stores anymore?
The real question is: my app will be still downloadable from app stores (apple and android) if my business PRO plan with thunkable expires?

Sorry if it sounded a bit rude.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hey @maurizio.polverini89, your app will remain available on the stores. Once it in the stores, Thunkable has nothing to do with that app anymore. They simply act as the build and delivery service.

That said,

be mindful

you will not be able to edit a private project if you go from pro to basic. also, if you have any webapps published, they will become unavailable. Apps on the store won’t be affected.