Plan for Publishing - payment duration

I have two questions:

  1. When you buy a plan, can you pay only for the months of development or are you forced to pay for at least a year?
  2. I would like to purchase the plane PRO for publish the app on the store, when I stop paying, can the app stay or do I no longer have the right to leave it on the store?
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Please search the forum as your questions have been answered multiple times already.

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For your first inquiry, it used to be a choice of paying monthly, few months in advance or annually to get a discount. You need to check directly with Thunkable accounts department.

For the second inquiry, you do not need to be subscribed for your published app to work however, if your app is configured as a Web App then you have to continue your subscription as long as you have the app available as Web App.

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but if I have the free plan, I don’t think I can download the apk and publish it on the play store. The rules of the plans show that it is not licensed

I’m sorry but I not find a post that tells me if I can put on the store the apk that I download with the free plan.
I don’t want to do something that can’t be done, but if you don’t need to pay then I download my apk and try to publish my first app.

To publish your apps you need at least the Pro plan. Before posting questions you should always search the forum or google. If you want to know about Thunkable X’s costs you can always check out the pricing page here. A 2 second google search would have revealed that.

There seems to be a trend these days that people can’t be bothered doing a basic search and instead just spam the forum.

it is not as you say, my doubt comes from the fact that if you have the apk what is limiting you to publish it on the store? It seems very strange to give the apk and then say you can’t publish it.
Then I would like to know if I stop paying plan PRO do I have to take the app out of the store?

For technical reasons you won’t be able to upload the apk to the app stores unless you have at least the Pro Plan. One other thing to consider is that if you want custom branding you will need the Business Plan.

This has been answered before multiple times. Why won’t you do a simple search?

No. No you don’t. Once it’s on the store, at this time, we have 0 control over your app listing once it’s on the App Store.