Some information about Personal Plans Pro

Hi, I need some information about Personal Plans Pro and if it is suitable for my purpose.
I would like to convert an app that I developed for my cultural association, which was made with App Inventor.
I will only need Thunkable for the development of this app.

  1. Does the Thunkable banner come out on the app with this plan?
  2. Is the app for both Ios and Android?
  3. I think it will take three months to develop the app, then can I suspend the plan and reactivate it only when, eventually, I need to make changes? Or will I always have to pay to keep the app alive?
    Thank you

It’s always a good idea to search the forum before creating a topic as most questions including yours have already been answered multiple times. So please search the forum, google, and Thunkable documentation as well as the Pricing page on the home page and if you have any questions not answered then feel free to ask.

Answer1 Thunk logo is on pro plan, unless you pay for the $200 plan
Answer2 YES
Answer3 if app is private it will change to read only u can not make changes or publish your app will be alive in the play store and apple store web app will need to be on a pro paln or up to be alive

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Thanks kizzy,
but if with a PRO plan I have published the app on the Play Store and on the Apple Store, when I suspend the plan, does the app always remain downloadable from the stores?

Yes it remains downloadable from the stores it is not affected by your plan once published

Thank you

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