New Pricing Feedback

I saw the email about the new pricing and while I love Thunkable and know they are a business, I think $45/mo for PRO is WAY to much. $25/mo was the sweet spot for what we have. Nearly doubling the price to keep the current “features” makes me scratch my head. I also think it will turn more and more Thunkers away, I being one of them as I do this for fun, not for profit.

Maybe make things like the tech support and other perks like that ala cart addons so as to keep PRO affordable for those of us who want to keep our stuff private.


I had the same initial reaction. I get needing to make a profit or make ends meet as a business but it does seem like quite a jump in price for PRO users. I still need to look over the details since I just glanced at it this morning before work.


Especially for those in India like me. In comparison dollars amounts don’t equal rupees in value. Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere but this is just my personal opinion. For example, 2 dollars for something would be a very low price but as around 160 rupees in India, not so much. 25 dollars itself was a bit over the top, but 45 is extremely so. It’s 3363 rupees for a month!


Hi there,

I’d like to ask the Thunkable team a clarification for the new pricing model. So, simply put, I have the pro subscription currently and might be having over 50 private projects there (the new model seems to limit private projects to 50 for pro subscriptions; haven’t also really counted my current number but it’s high), so what happens when I’m automatically moved to the new model? Will I somehow lose some of my projects? Should I somehow anticipate this and delete some of them? And overall, will my old projects transfer smoothly to the new plan?

Would be great to know. Thank you!


You have written the same comments in a new post. Please avoid duplication as it results in responses being scattered.


(Current Pro Subscription)
I am a little shocked by this anouncement so will try my best to be constructive.
Although in the whole fifty years of being on this planet I have never been involved in a subscription service that has more than doubled in price from one renewal to the next, I can almost get my head round that and after all if thats the price thats what we will have to pay.
My real concern is the 50 project limit, I only currently have 3 published apps but I, and I would assume the same as most people, create mutiple coppies for backup and testing puposes. I probably have near 50 already with other planned projects to be added in the near future. My request would be to leave the unlimited projects limit that we currently enjoy for the pro subscription rather than charging much more for much less.


@martint Exactly. Without versioning support, I’m forced to create multiple backups. I’m sure I have hundreds of projects at this point and while I do go back and delete unnecessary copies, I also create and copy MANY projects just in order to help other users on the forums. I know I couldn’t get down to <50.


I also have more than 50 projects to manage versions/backups of my app. Would be WONDERFUL, if each app publication generate a “recoverable version” of the app.


Hello, I also find this an abusive but good. Thunkable will go back on their steps if they lose more customers/money.

So far the only thing that keeps me here is the fact that the applications are exported to Apple.

There are so many things wrong with thunkable live, component bugs, lack of basic functionality.


Hi everyone, I learned the news this morning I am disappointed and I think that in the future I leave the ship.

I find it a bit expensive especially since I don’t have a lot of time to develop and I don’t get any return on my investment and most of my projects are for personal use.

I hope that the teams of thunkable will re-study their pricing


Thanks everyone for your feedback here - we’ve made these adjustments based on a lot of inward and outward facing research. There are good points in here and I’d like to acknowledge your concerns as best I can.

The new PRO plan will actually have more features that the current one. It’s our “flagship” product and we didn’t really consider changing the name, but it’s definitely an enhanced PRO compared to what’s out now and definitely compared to what we had in Jan 2018 when this price point was initially introduced.

This is a complex area I think @codeswept, but I completely understand where you are coming from. We’ve recently made some updates to our payment system to make additional payment options available. While we don’t have any immediate plans for localised pricing this is something that we are aware of.

We never delete anyone’s projects - just to make that perfectly clear from the outset. I will clarify for you ASAP but I’d imagine that you 50 most recently edited projects will be editable and anything older could be read-only? A more likely scenario is that if you’re a PRO user with 100 private projects then you will continue to have 100 private projects. The 50 project limit only applies to new members who sign up after the 8th July. When you try to create a new private project the system tells you that you have reached your quota for private projects

The point about backup copies and version control that a number of folks have made is well made and clearly heard . Will come back to you with some suggestions for optimal project management. cc @tatiang @caminostudio

Hi @azceusjc7jhe - please ensure you file bug reports on the public Github. Thanks!

We’ve looked at an enormous amount of usage data to get a clearer picture of how people use Thunkable and discovered a huge number of more casual users who aren’t using all the features and functionality of the platform just like this @kushweez - rather than paying $25/month we introduced a new starter plan at $15/month instead so hopefully this will end up saving many of you a considerable sum of money.


Thank you @domhnallohanlon for the input however I’m not clear about the current paying members who will have a opportunity to stay with the same price for a stretched time, what if I missed the renewal date for one reason or another and got downgraded to Free plan will I lose the special price and to renew as a new member or will I retain this special status?


@domhnallohanlon I would ask with this new price will the maintenance be improved or again the answer will be waited for weeks or months?


Thanks for the clarification @domhnallohanlon . But I have a doubt:
PRO members’ projects will transfer to the new plan, and the 50 most recent projects will become private , while the rest become read only. They have to option to edit those by making them public. But for free members they only have an option of 10 projects, so in the new plan will all but ten of my projects become read only forever?


Correct, anyone paying for PRO at the moment can keep the 2018 price through to 2023!

This happens all the time, whether it’s due to cards expiring or a card being lost and cancelled, I can double check for you how long the system gives to update a payment method but if you emailed myself or the billing team in this situation we could double-check the system and get it sorted for you. (If someone decided they wanted to cancel their membership and come back in 2022, that’s a different thing entirely)

I think it’s more likely the the 50 project limit only applies to new accounts set up after July 8.

Again, I’m pretty sure this only applies to new free accounts so I think your own projects will be fine. Will confirm this for you on Monday though!

We are committed to continually improving all aspects of the platform. The last 12 months in particular have seen a huge number of updates and improvements across-the-board and I’m excited for the next 12


Yes, last time I missed about 2 weeks because of a problem with my card connected to PayPal and I cannot use the other payment option in Thunkable site and after writing to the account department and after couple of days I was sent an electronic invoice with a link to make the payment. So things take more than expected and such incidents should not result in losing the special status for current members.


I support the new price. I am aware that funds are needed for the development of the service. Unfortunately, I have a lot of bitter experience with my attempts to communicate with the whole Thunkable team. It is extremely rare for your team to pay attention to you. I am a PRO user who uses the platform only for fun. I will not hide that I like it. But I am extremely upset about the lack of communication with you (the thunkable team). As a pro account, I have access to live chat in which you are expected to help when I have difficulties. In all the cases I sought help, only one was resolved. I am grateful to people like: @muneer , @tatiang , @jared , @actech and many others. I can’t list them all but I’m glad there are!
If they weren’t in the community with their invaluable advice, this platform would no longer have users.

PS: I’m really counting on something to change. This is extremely important for the future of the platform!


Thanks, that’s great to know. Also, will I be able to create new projects or just use the existing ones?


Oh dear, I never received an email about this but I am a Pro user :sweat:
I couldn’t find it in the official announcement parts of the community.
Is there a summary of the new pricing model somewhere?
In about a month I will start marketing for my project and my app was supposed to be part of it, but I can as well leave it out if it doesn’t justify the cost. :grimacing:
Maybe someone can send me the new pricing announcement?
Thank you!