Create 10+ projects or publish project as web app without Thunkable PRO

I wanted to know that can I create 10+ projects without Thunkable PRO or publish as a web app? And if this is not possible, so can I somehow upgrade to Thunkable PRO without paying anything? I moved to Thunkable because I thought that I could publish my projects as web apps/create more than 10 of them. I guess I will have to switch to some other platform if this is not possible. Any help?

You can publish up to 10 projects using the free version of Thunkable. If you need more than that and/or need web app publishing then you would have to pay for Thunkable Pro.

Here’s the pricing page:

Sorry but this is NOT helpful. I know that to make profit, the Thunkable team has designed Thunkable PRO but I can’t afford this. I think that I should switch to some other platform if this is not possible.

Even though it is not helpful, thanks for trying to help! :grinning:

You’re welcome. Not everybody is going to be able to afford it but as you said, they do need to make a profit. It’s great that Thunkable offers a free version for people who want to try out the software.

I know that…Thanks for trying to help again… since I know now that there’s no solution for this problem I am marking it as ‘solved’.