Not able to Publish Responsive web Apps even after having PRO

Hi Community!

I’m unable to publish the Responsive web app as its option shows that you have to upgrade even though I have already bought the PRO Subscription.

Please Help

You need to spend more money for that, dude. I’d you need a responsive webapp build it in weweb or bubble. Thunkable is intended for mobile first app development.

Nice money guzzler :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:
I thought that if I use this responsive app in flutter flow and then in VS Code.

I’ll try with mobile web app
I can’t recreate it in bubble as my app contains tons of APIs and Backend. So, it would take many time again if I do this.

well, that’s a bummer. i was looking for a new low code platform to switch from my current one. I came across thunkable yesterday. The PRO plan checked all my needs except that i need the web version on desktop. But i’m not paying 4.45x just for that. I’ll keep searching.

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Typically, an downloadable app that needs mobile and desktop is built like that., I’d suggest a PWA builder for your web version and Thunkable for your mobile version

There is also a Thunkable Branding on my Mobile Web App-