[Solved] Any way to publish an app from Thunkable without Thunkable Pro?


Hello all,

Naturally, as I’ve finished my app, I would like to publish it. However, every tutorial I see is involved with Thunkable Pro. When I did find something which did not mention Thunkable Pro (Publish to App Store (iOS) - Thunkable Docs), it wasn’t working for me. How can I publish my app without Thunkable Pro or any other issues?

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

You need at least Thunkable Pro to publish to the app stores or the web:

Is there any other way or is this the only one?

Thunkable has a pricing structure that adds value (publishing) when you pay more. This is quite standard in terms of online services. The free version of [insert web tool here] is limited in features and the paid version if more fully-featured.

So no, there is no way to avoid paying for a license if you intend to publish.

Okay, then, thank you for your help.

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