Totally confused about how to structure my app :'D

Hi everyone!
This is my first time on Thunkable and being completely devoid of coding skills I want to start off by thanking the community for all the useful tips I’ve learned so far!

Here is the issue I would like to share with you:
I’m trying to create an app that:
-lets the user choose from a list of topics (I would like the topics to be represented by a sideshow with image and caption);
-after a topic has been clicked, leads to a series of pages containing information about the specific topic and then a related quiz that needs to be answered before the user can move on to the next text page (basically, it would be one page with text and pictures followed by a page containing a quiz, followed by another page with text and images followed by a quiz page and so forth).
-I’m trying to keep it simple by not adding user registration and profile, but I’d like the app to save the progress of the user so that if he/she closes the app and come back the game would restart from where it was stopped.

I’ve only managed to create the list of a couple topics (without slideshow) and a few screens for the related text pages and quizzes (i.e. topic1_text1, topic1_quiz1, topic1_text2 ecc.) but I know this is not the right way because I would end up with hundreds of screens if I really wanted to add several topics.
Also, I have literally no idea how to save the user’s progress.

Is there any good soul willing to give me directions on the necessary steps to properly structure the app and the lessons I should learn to accomplish this (or similar apps I can draw screens from?) :smiley:


there many sample apps out there you can remix

Are you looking to hire someone? What you described is a lot of work for someone to do to help you.

If you just want assistance with specific steps then be very specific about what’s next for your app and someone here can probably offer advice.

In terms of avoiding having many screens, I would recommend either:

  1. Using a Data Viewer List or Data Viewer Grid. This can display a lot of data on a single screen.

  2. Using “placeholder” components and prev/next buttons to simulate the experience of scrolling through multiple screens of information.

#1 is generally easier and you’ll find official documentation and tutorials to help you.

Thank you Candy for your reply. What should i look dornto find similar apps for inspiration?

search on YouTube data list view app thunkable

Thanks Tatiang! I’m not looking to hire somebody nor somebody who gives me all the instructions, I just would like someone to help me figure out the main structure and its components so that I know what tutorials to look for or what apps I can take inspiration from.
I appreciate your suggestions for the data viewer, I’ll check it out! Any ideas on what I need to save the user’s progress?

I checked out some data list tutorials and found some great starting points to display all the topics in my app! Do you have similar suggestions for the “link each element of the data list to the related sequence of text pages and quiz pages” part? I have no idea what components or functions I should use.

you really just have to take your time and learn quiz pages and answer will all be stored in the data source i dont think you will learn it overnight takes time

There is one thing I don’t get about quiz pages: i’ve checked out a few tutorials and it seems to me that the question sequences are all built using blocks writing each question in a “text block” or using a spreadsheet as a source. Is this still the right choice even if what I want to achieve is not just a sequence of quizzes but rather an alternation of pages with titles, paragraphs, images, etc. AND pages with the related quiz?

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