Dynamic placeholders

How to do I display buttons and questions dynamically for a quiz app in thunkable? Please help. An example would be great. Thanks

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There are some good tutorials available if you Google Thunkable quiz.

I recommend starting with this one:

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Thank you so much for replying. I have seen that video and it’s great. My issue is that i want to have multiple local DB because i have different sets of questions for different topics. The video does not really show how to get that done. the only way i can think of is to create more screens which won’t help me in the future.

Correct, you really want to build an app such as a quiz in a single screen for efficiency. I recommend you figure out a way to use a single data source. What I’ve done in the past is to set a range for my questions. For example, science questions are in rows 1-99, math questions in rows 100-199, etc. Then, I can set a variable value for the row and adjust as needed within a single range.

Another option is to use Firebase which can support any structure of data that you choose… it doesn’t have to be in “rows” and “columns.”

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meu ajudou muito também tinha essa duvida