Quiz app - possible with thunkable?

I want to make a quiz app. The application will be played with two people online

I want to have a control panel where I will write the questions. (I want to enter the questions on the web weekly.) Random questions will be selected from the list of questions and the contestants will be asked.

When registering for the application, you will be asked for Name, Surname, Username (mail) and password information; Login with username and password.

After logging in, the contestant who wants to play a game with his friend will be notified to his friend after entering his friend’s username. The game will open after the friend says “Play” to the notification.

Answers will only be entered as numerical values

Is it possible to do this application with thunkable? If not, what parts can I not do?

You can do almost all the stuff with push notifications, a realtime database and you just need accounts at OneSignal and Firebase you can do the quiz verification inside the app itself for now the notification thing can only be tested on ANDROID but can be installed on iOS and Android if you are a PRO member


These links might help you.

You cannot enter the questions by yourself you can use a few pre made questions and new questions every week. :innocent:

Actually it’s doable using Airtable or realtime DB. But need to code another “game master” app to update questions on the fly. Then the player apps are the ones that take the questions data from cloud database (Realtime DB have this cool feature or triggering an event when the data changes) and display on the players respective apps.

I don’t think that you can do that :thinking:

Will update you later.

I’ve done that with Firebase on an shared database. One app updates the database (in particular, some stocks information), And the another “receiver app” which is distributed to users and coded with the same Firebase credentials, access the data. Pretty power tool.

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Well, I am still learning all about Airtable and Firebase know the basics, but not this. You can use the same logic on this app :smiley:

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Hahaha… I am also learning. When I discovered Airtable with thunkable… I was really excited. Given that it is also a spreadsheet, the possibilities with it are endless… Happy Thunking.

Oh, is it, that is wonderful.

I have " question" and " answer" rows in Airtable. I want to list the quesitons random on a label, when I click a button. Can you show the blocks?

Why not create an “admin” screen for adding new questions?

@metin @gobassky @browncoatjustice52

Is this the type of thing you’re trying to build:


If you click on the “gear” icon on the top right of the screen it brings you to the Admin area where you can add new questions.

The PIN is 42.

Let me know what you think!


Nice app… can be great for my kids.

Yes can also create an “admin” screen, this is better as it allow users who know the pin to add or edit questions. :+1:

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:joy: Thanks - it’s just a demo to showcase the functionality of having a conventional “Quiz” screen, and a separate, PIN-protected, admin screen to adding new questions.

There’s lots of scope here for other features too. One that springs to mind is adding the option to remove questions.

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@domhnallohanlon can you give me a link to that app for remix?

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@zbk0612eip8w I’ll do up a tutorial for it tomorrow in #thunkable-cross-tutorials and post all the code there!

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@domhnallohanlon i dont see it still

I haven’t written it yet! :joy:

btw, @domhnallohanlon as again you just can click share and press generate link then copy it and paste it here (i think you already know how to do it)

@zbk0612eip8w @browncoatjustice52 @gobassky @metin

Here’s a tutorial with a guide on how to create something like this yourselves: