My BIG 2020 app "O-Quiz

Hello Thunkers,
I would like to share my app for 2020 with you and I would be so happy if you give your notes and tips
Create your quizzes and share them with others via codes

O-Quiz (Online-Quiz) app is an app that allows everyone to create quizzes and share their codes with others.

O-Quiz User Power:

  1. Everyone has the ability to create quizzes and share them with others via code.
  2. Everyone can see all quizzes that created in O-Quiz and play them freely.
  3. Users can see the results of the quiz they played or the results of other quizzes.
  4. The results are:
    A. Name of Participant
    B. Score of Participant
    C. Time they spent finishing the quiz
  5. ONLY quiz creators who can delete the quizzes they created.
    O-Quiz Features:

  1. UI has two languages (English and Arabic)
  2. Simple and easy UI
  3. No need for registration
  4. Works ONLY online

This is a really cool idea! I have been working on a study app like this for my school!

I will check it out later today!

what service do you use for your databse if i may ask? are you using airtable or firebase?


This looks awesome @Hayder!
Do you have a quiz code we can try out?
You should make a post in #ShareYourApps as well :smile:


1988 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The UI is so clean, like it’s really nice. Looks great well done!!

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Thank you so much!

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