Quiz app in the thunkable app. need help

I’m creating a quiz app. I have different subject for which i created different local database for. How can i link each database with a set of question without without creating many screens. i don’t want to create the page in the picture below many times.

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Hi @techenthusias, welcome to Thunkable!

Quizzes are perhaps the best example of a project that should be made using dynamic placeholders (variables and data sources) to avoid duplicating your efforts over and over.

It’s not only the creating of screens, functions and blocks that is a pain when not using a dynamic method… it’s also the updating of your project. What happens if you decide every correct answer should show “You’re right!” instead of “Correct Answer”? That’s another 100 clicks to fix every occurrence of that string in your project, over multiple pages. Yuck.

Start with the video I link to here: My Quiz App jumps from question to question by itself - #9 by tatiang.


Thank you so much @tatiang for responding. I have watched that video, it’s great. It helped me build what i have so far and now i’m stuck. The video does not really show how to do it for multiple set of questions. Each button on the picture below is a different subject which goes to the next page. i would like to link each of them to the same page to do the exact same thing but with different questions and answers.

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You could try duplicating screens

I don’t think screen duplication copies code (or does it🤔) but you could save screen to my screens, and then keep on adding that screen.

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well why not use columns and rows instead of screen and columns and rows can also be made from code

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Yes that’s what I meant.

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