Create a Quiz App (with video tutorial)

Video Tutorial

In this short video tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a quiz app with a connected data source:

Template App

  1. Click: Onboarding Quiz - TEMPLATE

  2. Click Copy Project in the upper right.

Copy of Spreadsheet

Let the community know….

  • Share examples of your quiz app designs to help inspire ideas!

  • How would you expand on this project? What additional functionality would you add?

If you have questions or feedback about the tutorial, please share them in the comments below.

I’m very new to thunkable but this topic of creating a quiz will potentially help me with a problem I’ve been trying to solve for testing my students.

If I have a pool of questions (say 100) in one sheet and then have a secondary sheet pull 10 questions from that pool at random can I link that secondary as the data source for the quiz. So in other other words every time someone launches the quiz it’s a random selection of questions every time?

Hello. I’ve been mimicing your guide to create a quiz app. But my Questions and Answers /which is taken from the google sheets I uploaded in data source/ are appearing one by one, not simultanously. how do i fix this? I think i’ve done the every design and block builts exactly the same as in the instruction. Please give me an advise.

You’ll need to post screenshots of your blocks or a link to your project.

how to make it without drag and drop builder

I cannot make it it is not working Properly