Datas from data source appearing one by one

I’ve been mimicing this guide to create a quiz app. But my Questions and Answers /which is taken from the google sheets I uploaded in data source/ are appearing one by one, not simultanously. how do i fix this? I think i’ve done the every design and block builts exactly the same as in the instruction. Please give me an advise.

You’ll need to post screenshots of your blocks or a link to your project.

the problem is on screen ‘Question1’

It seems to work for me. It shows the values in row 2 of the database (I had to use a local database since I don’t have access to your Google Sheet) and then when I choose an answer, it shows the values in row 3.

Can you show a screencast of the problem you’re having or describe more about what you’re seeing and what it should look like if it was working? What part of the YouTube video are you referring to when you say the questions and answers should appear simultaneously?