Get data from spreadsheet

Hello, I have a spreadsheet where some quiz are existed. I want to call them into my app question label.

I was trying to find video tutorial but there is no such videos using x.
Could you brothers help me.

I have put the API only in spreadsheet properties.

Hi there,
I had did a tutorial before,it included get data action.

Here you go! :smiley:

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This is a great tutorial. I am using it now. I am wondering if there is a way to randomize the order of the answers when they appear on the screen each time any given question appears.

I am thinking, go through the quiz once. get a score and time to complete the quiz. Then go through it again and try to get a higher score in less time.

The way to prevent learning the position of the buttons, to force learning and attending to occur, i want them to rotate the next time the user sees the same quiz.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

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Use a randomization block for a list


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Thank you!! @actech I have a follow-up question.

Example of my qustion
how do i ensure that if, for example, button 1 is displaying answer 3, how do i make sure that answer 3 is not repeated on any other button and that all other potential answers are displayed.

My questions and answers all come from the local DB

let me include shots of the code. this is where I’m at so far with randomizing what appears on the buttons.

seems like there would be some additional if/then statements but i am not sure how to set this part up.

If you use the random block, you must remove the previously selected item from the list. I suggest you use another block - shuffle

here is a link to the project. maybe this would help.

On your screen, a large number of repeating blocks. Simplify them and then it will be easier to understand what needs to be done.

Everything can be made much simpler. In Excel, create a question and 5 answers in neighboring cells. At the end of the correct answer, add an invisible plus symbol, for example. After that, you need to create a list with answers (neighboring cells in Excel are separated by a tab character), which are randomly mixed. If the answer contains an invisible plus symbol, then this is the correct answer.

I have accomplished my task. Check it out! Between you @actech and @jane I have created another successful starter app for my Grad Lab. On behalf of the Florida Institute of Technologies school of Behavior Analysis, thanks you both!


Сheck it. Now will you be able to complete the app?

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I have this working!!!

using 2 localDB to keep things clean though is a pain. just as much as using a table with a lot of rows.

I want to share this with everybody! the issue i am having currently is that the buttons do not disable after being cliicked. I want them to be disabled upon click, and not enabled until all new information has populated on the screen. any thoughts on this?

I have disabled the buttons after click in the code but this doesn’t seem to do the trick

now to add back in the color change for buttons after responding!


working perfectly now.

now to add back in the color change component for buttons after they have been clicked

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Hi ! I’m also working on a quiz app similar to this I’m wondering if what is the importance of which quiz in this block I’m confused so I’m looking for some similar project like mine. Hope you can help me with this.

^^ was how I was switching between quizzes. I would likely take a different approach now.

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Sir can you tell me new ways to solve this kind of situation. The question isn’t showing in the choices when I do a live test

Hey! Check out this example Quiz example

And This other example

@jared sorry for my late response I did check your work man thanks you save me a lot of time. hope you doing well stay safe ! Thank you again.

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