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I am trying to start doing a multiple choice questionnaire, based on the vocabulary that each student has learned in that part of the App, which is divided by topics. I suppose that to achieve this, I must work from the first word to the “stored variable RowNumxxx” which is the one that indicates the progress of each student. In all the examples I’ve seen, a few questions are asked with a little excel. But I handle thousands of words, so I have thought about collecting the columns of my excel as you can see in the image, … but this would always give the answer1 as the correct answer. The obvious question is how can I get answer1 to not always appear in the first position? What would be the formula to apply in the blocks? How to make the questions random? Do you know any example that can guide me?

You can either:

  1. randomize the answers in the answer columns
  2. randomize the displayed answer choices

It sounds like you want to do #2. This will depend on how you plan to display the data… but let’s say you have four buttons, one for each answer choice. For each question, insert the four answer cell values (answer1, answer2, answer3, and answer4) in a list variable. Use the shuffle block to randomize the order in the list. Then set each button’s text to a list item.

I’ve tried to apply what you told me about "For each question, insert the four values ​​from the answer cells (answer1, answer2, answer3, and answer4) into a list variable. Use the random block to randomize the order in the list. Then , sets the value of each button text to an item in the list ". But surely that is not what I have done, because it does not mix them randomly, and also gives me all the answers as bad

So that you can see it better

It’s very helpful that you posted screenshots of your blocks!

The problem is that you are shuffling a list that contains {“answer1”, “answer2”, “answer3”, “answer4”} rather than a dynamic list that contains your data source values. And then when you set the button text for each choice, you’re using the data source values rather than the list.

Let me see if I can make you a demo.

It should be great. Thank you

Here’s a demo:

(See the screen with your username.)

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