[Solved] Advice about our Quiz app


So the kids are building a quiz app for a competition.

App is going to have 4 different quiz… Say one for Sceince, Math, History, Reading.

They are planning to have 4 different local DB for each subject.

They have built 1 quiz with 3 screen - Start screen, Question screen and Completion screen.
How do they copy these screens for other subjects in the same app.

Or is there any other way. TIA.

Hi,use column instead of screen.


Sorry, i dont know how to do that

A simple way to do this is to have use a list picker for the topics and then when a list item is chosen the index from the list can be used to select which data store to use. That way you only need one screen for the quiz. It is also possible to filter by topic number or name but that is a little more complex.


Refering to the title
Start with a new screen,then drag a column inside the screen.Put your components into your column.(column is able to duplicate)

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Hey @jeyseny

here is a copy of my quiz app that i have played around with. it’s been on the backburner for a while but hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

it will demonstrate, a way to have multiple quizzes with only a few screens. it also includes autographing of performance at the end if you hookup an airtable database.


Thanks. This is helpful. Basically we should be using a variable to select the dataset and repeat the blocks.

I was thinking if we could pass the data set name as variable, that ould be easier? so there is no option for that?

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Hey, @jeyseny! :wave:

Do you mean to pass a value from 1 screen to next?

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No, selecting the database name dynamically based on the variable instead of repeating the block. But looks like it is not an option. Database name can be selected only from dropdown.

Hi, @jeyseny! :wave:

Yes, it’s possible.

Method #1

  • I tried setting a variable to database component’s name, and the variable was a string. So, you just set the variable to any component’s name, (In your case, a Database component)


  • And, through any component, set the database to the variable -


Full Example -


Method #2

Send a proper component through a variable / Set the variable to proper component.

  • Take the last tiny green block, and select your Database -


  • Set the variable to it.


Hope I helped you! :blush:
Good Luck! :star2:

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OMG…Wow…This is awesome. But how are you getting the option to plug in the dbname in Spreadhseet. I dont get that option.


Also, can I use the similar tip for Local DB.

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Hi, @jeyseny! :wave:

These steps might help you -

  • Click the :gear: icon
  • Add a parameter named ‘db name’
  • Right-click the main function, and tap ‘create db name’.
  • You will get the block, then you just have to attach it accordingly.

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Thanks. i created it but how do i attach it to the spreadsheet block… it doesnt have option.db3

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I didn’t realize there is component called “Any”… I found it out and my quiz worked… thank you so much!!!


Glad I helped you! :blush:

Thanks a lot! :blush:
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Can you share your working code via screen shot we are having same issue changing a table name and just cant get it working

@Tina_Fountain I found a more up to date example of my quiz app and wanted to share it with you. it includes auto graphing based on user progress so they can judge how well they do from time to time.


Also, to change the name of the table you want to actively reference, either use two spreadsheet components and keep them named differently. like this. This may be the better option when using airtable if you are ever worried about space constraints. They allow only up to 1200 rows per base, but allow for an unlimited number of bases.
Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 11.15.45 PM

but you can also just change the name of the table/base/api with these blocks


Thanks so much. this is great. i will spend some time today reading through it. I see your using both Airtable and local storage


Heya @jared - I am working on a new app which will have many quizzes (about 6 categories with about 100 quizzes each to start). I’d love to check your quiz example here - can you please link me to the project url? As a newb I could probably get this done with many screens but want to try and do it efficiently.