Multiple quizzes in one app (Airtable)

Hi All!

I’m trying to create an app that has multiple quizzes in it. I need more space than 50mb and I was able to alter the blocks from the great tutorial by Thunkable on YouTube - .

This thread will be me half teaching how I altered the blocks from that tutorial to help fellow thunkers but I also need help getting to the next step :sunglasses:.

So I changed it to work with Airtable and cloudinary instead of the localdb. Unlike the YouTube tutorial, every bit of information i am using is an image (.png). So what I did was upload all the images to cloudinary, then I copied the url and pasted it into a record (cell) on Airtable. The Airtable layout is nearly identical to that of the localdb in YouTube vid. In the YouTube vid it is only one quiz but I want to create 100s maybe 1,000s. These would be separated by the user clicking different buttons on the app. I want between 10-200 approx rows in each quiz.

Darren has a great video explaining dynamic APIs, but I’m not sure how I can bring that knowledge into building my app. I’m not from a coding background, I come from graphic and product design. Below are pics of my blocks, layout of ‘doing the quiz’ screen and layout of ‘buttons of various quizzes’ screen showing some buttons (each one a different quiz, but I don’t know how to link to different quizzes between Airtable and Thunkable). Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone needs advice on how to link images from cloudinary to Airtable and then to Thunkable, I would be glad to share what I know, although limited :upside_down_face:.

Domhnall, fellow Irish :shamrock: man, keep up the great work!

Hi, to work with components dynamically you need to use blocks from the new tab Any Component -

Try to learn programming sequentially - first understand how you can create a new row and a button in it, then how to create 5 buttons in a row, then how to create 20 buttons on the screen.


Hi actech,

Thanks for your help. the link to any component blocks will save using too many blocks. I have it set that when any button is selected it goes to the ‘doing quiz screen’ from the ‘list of all quiz buttons screen’.

The ‘design’ section of thunkable I think I have a good grasp of. I am able to create rows and buttons on the ‘doing quiz screen’ & ‘list of all quiz buttons screen’ in a way that I want and it is appearing nicely on the test app. The ‘blocks’ section on ‘doing quiz screen’ I think I have nearly right but the biggest problem I am having is the blocks on the ‘list of all quiz buttons screen’. I want it to be set that when a specific button is clicked then a specific Airtable spreadsheet is called on.

On the ‘doing quiz screen’ , I have the altered blocks that I learnt from the localDB quiz tutorial, but these are all set to one Airtable spreadsheet. Do I create variables to change the name of the Airtable spreadsheet, base ID and table name required?

Also, do I need to each Airtable as an invisible component with their unique base IDs and table names? Understood that the API key will be same code for each spreadsheet as they are all from my account and View name can stay as ‘Grid Name’ for all spreadsheets, is that correct?

Thanks again in advance for your help.


As I recall, changing the AirTable table using blocks does not work. If this is not possible so far, then when you click on the button, you will not be able to switch the table. How to be? Can you think of such a structure so that the data from separate tables can be combined in one table?

The data in each cell is a url to a Cloudinary image. I’m not sure if I can combine the separate tables into one table. There is a limit of 1,200 rows in a single Airtable spreadsheet.

I could create many screens and each one links to a different airtable and copy the blocks over to each one but thought there could be a way to have it all on one screen.

How many columns do you have in one table?

The number of rows is limited, but you can use more columns or from one row to create multiple lines

There is 8 columns in each table. What do you mean by create multiple lines?


You can create a multi-line field in the AirTable table. This means that in one cell you can create a table from a row with delimiters:

column1, column2, …, column 8
column1, column2, …, column 8
column1, column2, …, column 8
column1, column2, …, column 8
column1 column2, …, column 8
column1, column2, …, column 8

The field separator is a comma character, the line delimiter is a line break character