Using multiple table from single spreadsheet component

In airtable we can create multiple tables (Tabs). Based on user input I need to select particular table from airtable and display values from selected table. However “from spreadsheet1 set table name to” block seems to not working properly. Is any alternate method available to do so?

If that table name block is not working, the alternative method is to add another Airtable component to reference another table.

Hope that works for now and we’ll see if we can investigate the set Table block further –


when u will see its already many months

Hey Anthony, are you asking about the Airtable component?

Did you try adding a second Spreadsheet component to your app?

i have 9 tables and i have to work with one component and changing table name with blocks

what it will be when i add 9 components
it will be messy sooo

Are you sure you need 9 tables? What sort of app are you working on?

FOR EXAMPLE. adding marker on a map. from cities>towns>districts… to clasify every single data in a single table costs much time for users of apps. eventually cause to collaps. “Using a lot of spreadsheets” is not like a thunkable solution. Do you have a solution? (we are discussing nearly about 50.000 rows like airbnb)