[Solved] How to call another table from Airtable Spreadsheet

In my spreadsheet ( In Airtable) i have created two table. I am getting table 1 data successfully but problem is to get table data 2.
Is there no way to get table data 2 to my app ( It is a quiz app)? Or i have to upload another spreadsheet?


Hi, @farhadkubd1! :wave:

If you want to use 2 Tables of a same spreadsheet, you may try using a spreadsheet component per table.
For each table you want to use, take a separate spreadsheet component.

Thanks! :blush:

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  1. You can change the Table name in blocks area.
  2. Or in one table you can set more columns to do what table 2 does.
  3. Or you can add another spreadsheet component.
    I prefer point 2

Thanks bro. I have done it.

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