Not able to switch tables in Airtables spreadsheet

Let’s say I have 2 tables set up on Airtables, Table1 and Table2.

I add the Spreadsheet component, set the APIKey, BaseID, TableName to Table1, and ViewName.

I have 2 buttons, Button1 and Button2. Button1 changes Spreadsheet.TableName to “Table1”. Button2 changes Spreadsheet.TableName to “Table2”.

However, even after changing the TableName of the Spreadsheet component to Table2, the data from Table1 is still showing, since that’s what I initially defined. I’m not able to get Table2 data to show.

The property blocks do not work for the Spreadsheet component. Try changing the data so that you work with one table. This can be done.

I have tables with towns and children datas under each town. I want to set each table with a single town. But I cannot switch the tables just like the friends above.

To use different spreadsheets components means death. No user can wait that much time for single data to fetch from the last spreadsheets. I wish this situation is temporary.

So what is the solution until then?

If it is not possible to switch tables, then make one table with nested data. In each cell of the table, you can add data in a table form.

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I say wow. Is there A description or a video explaning?

Use CSV data format
Columns are separated by commas, lines - line break