Problem with Airtable and Spreadsheet Component in Thunkable

Beginner here. I am making a map for our school. It is for a school project. Since we would be working with many rooms, I decided to make a spreadsheet that contains 4 data about the room. However, i cannot seem to get data from my airtable at all… The list viewer turns white, then thunkable live restarts over and over again… need help here!

To get started, try to get the records from the table using the browser (examples of this are in the help). After that, try the Thunkable X app just to get all the records in Label. If this does not work, then you set the wrong parameters for accessing AirTable.

could you help me step-by-step, i cant seem to do what you told me

If the data from the table display, AirTable works on all do as written in the documentation.

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I have done it but it shows this:

All right Now create an application in which all the records from this table are displayed in the Label using the SpreadSheet.GetAllRows block.


It shows [ ] then QUICKLY restarts the app

This means there is an error in the access parameters for your table. If you give me a link to your project and access parameters to AirTable, then I will try to solve the problem.

How may i do this

You gave me the wrong link. To get a link to a project, do this:

OK then wait

APIKEY: keymcjiOwQqCsRBRm


Delete from your table 3 and 4 the record that left two records - 1 and 2

what do you mean

In the AirTable table, leave only the first two rows. Remove all other rows from the table using the AirTable control environment so that it turns out.

like this?

Yes, delete the Bialogy Laboratory entry and under it so that only 2 first entries remain in the table