[Solved] How to use Spreadsheets in Thunkable X?

I have recently started using Thunkable X for both iOS and Android development…
I want to use Airtable Spreadsheets for my App. I couldn’t understand how should I use get in Spreadsheets…
Plus, How should I call the TagList from Firebase?



Hi @kartik_old,

We have some examples of how to use Airtable in our documentation and our quote of the day app shows how to get data from Airtable too:


This is a good tutorial but I can’t seem to get it to work. When I test it on the app and on live test it just says “undefined” in the text label. Any ideas please?

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Some reasons might be -

  • You have entered wrong API Key / Base ID (They need to be fully correct)
  • The Column/Cell/Row you are calling does NOT exist. Make this one sure.
  • Any mistakes in the Name of Column might cause this.

Every purple block in Spreadsheet component has a green image block, which identifies the error. You can attach this block to a set label1's text to block, to display the error.

If you could share a snapshot your blocks here, it would be very helpful for us to catch the error. Sharing your project would be more helpful. Learn how to share here.

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Hello, I checked all of the above and it still says the same.