Airtable not giving data

It was working then it stopped working. I have rechecked apikey. Base id. Table name.

I have used airtable many times before so I know how to use it

I have put error alerts in case there is a error

But there is no error and I can’t seem to recall the values

It keeps saying label

Hi, @farhanlatif027i3df! :wave:

Can you please post your blocks, as well as the area you are trying to retrieve from Airtable? So we could help you better.

Thanks! :blush:

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It’s a simple block

When screen opens
Get airtable value from row 1

for the first argument, i wonder, would airtable ever return null, isnt there always a row #1

do you have a property named row number in your table?

there are other ways to find a row number. and this post can help you figure out how to find your row numbers

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Null was added because with firebase sometimes it would crash for me

And when I removed the first two blocks before airtable. Then airtable started showing value. Then I put the first block and removed second block and I concluded that it was the list viewer block that was giving an error Do you know why it did that?

if this causes errors

try trouble shooting the variable. maybe it doesn’t hold a list of text like you want it to. or maybe it is missing the commas.

if it’s already a list and not text you need to make a list, you dont need that make list from text block

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Firebase != Airtable, airtable is more precise than firebase.

Also, please answer this -

It would be better if you provide a snippet of your airtable data :+1:

Thanks! :blush: