[Solved] How do I get a list of values from Airtable?

Hello !

I’m trying to go through the list of row id from airtable to find a specific record

, but it doesn’t seem to work, i’ve done several test and it seems i can’t get the list of row id (i can’t even show it on a ListViewer)

Update: actually, it seems that when i use the block list of values, it never goes to the next block

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Can you add a List Viewer to use screen and use it to show the content of list of values block. Let’s first make sure that there are records then we see what could be wrong.

Do you see a list of row ID(s) in the List Viewer?

I tried that and it doesn’t show anything on the List Viewer.

I also tried that to test :

And the label never changes so i guess it never goes to the next block


I just did a quick test and it worked for me.

This is the code


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Ok i’ve tried it with another Airtable database and it works perfectly fine so i don’t know why it doesn’t work with the current one, but i guess the problem must be on Airtable’s side

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Ok I found the problem : I accidently changed the name of the view in Airtable which by default is Grid view, i put it back to Grid view and it works fine now

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I do things like this all the time - glad to hear you have everything back up and running again.

I’ve gone ahead and updated the title of the topic to more accurately reflect the question being asked here.

Also, just to stress that there actually was no problem with the “list of values” block.


or on Airtable’s side.

There are bugs and issues with every piece of software - Thunkable is not unique in that respect. We’re working hard to strike a balance between adding new features and fixing some of our known bugs and improving platform performance, however I feel there’s been something of an increase in posts where the initial assumption is that Thunkable is “broken” and in many (not all!) cases this is not the issue at hand.

Again, yours is certainly not unique in this regard, please don’t feel like I’m singling you out here!

Anyway, TL;DR Hopefully we can all be a little more careful with the topic titles we choose (myself included) and that they accurately describe the problem at hand!