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The problem:
Search airtable help

Can you show the blocks for your REDIRECT SEARCH screen?

There is a server error so I am not able to remix your project. But if you add a label to the REDIRECT SEARCH screen and set the value to “app rowID”, what value do you get when you select LA NAVE and what value do your get when you select LA MINA?

I understand but the problem is with the value of “app rowID”.

You’re not using Airtable on the second screen. On that screen, you’re using a local data source.

Can you try sharing your project again? I was able to remix someone else’s project so maybe it’s just a problem with this link.

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I can’t remix that one either. :frowning:

Sorry, I can’t remix either of those. I think you’ll need help from support to fix that.

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Yes, yay!

Okay, I see the problem. When the user clicks an item in the list viewer, you’re passing the “index” value to the next screen. But if LA MINA is the first item in the list viewer, you’re passing 1 as the row ID that gets used on the second screen. So it’s always going to show the information for “LA NAVE.”

You need to pass the “item” value from the list viewer and then search for it in the AirTable column. Then use the found row number as the row ID for displaying the rest of the information.

Edit: If instead you wanted to do the searching on the first screen, find the first occurrence of “item” in “app ListaTemporal.” Then pass that as the row ID to the next screen. Actually, that’s how I would do it.

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I have put the blocks that you have shown me and I still have the same error :frowning:

Sorry, I may have had the wrong list. You need to search through the list that’s presented to the user on the first screen, not the list that’s created after they start typing a search term.

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Oh good. You’re welcome!

You would use the GetAllRows block. And then you’d have the rows as an object. Or you can Get Column multiple times and store each result in a list.

I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work out

What have you tried? Which blocks did you use? What was the result? How did you test intermediate steps to verify that the data was correct/incorrect?