Need help to build app ( I pay )

So I need this in thunkable

A page where columns like this one are show and everytime a new row comes in on Airtable it will add a new column like that.

An on Button click it goes to screen two with infos of the selected row.

SOO exactly like the page I showed aboved same colors and every thing a label and boutton

Thunkable support impossible to understand a thing what they explained.


Try to start repeat demo applications to work with AirTable and Firebase of documentation. Without learning the basics will be difficult to create applications.

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I now the basics… I get it done to 90% but like to get the index number and things like that get complicated or like only reload the list in screen … so there are thinks they are not explained. If you do it with a list viewer it’s all easy but I doing my own list viewer with clone row and label an button and get that from list and and and lol need help and I m ready to pay

You could achieve something like this by using Airtable. In the item’s row, make a column called tags, and just add in the words that relate to it, leave a space between each word.


I am looking for a picture of flowers, but specifically blue ones. So I enter a keyword as blue flowers. The app then searches the column and finds all occurrences of the words blue and flowers (these keywords would also work for “blue” or “flowers” on its own, but in this case would only show results containing both keywords).

Then it displays the results in the order they are in the spreadsheet.


If you don’t require the app to communicate with the data, you could simply just put that link into a web viewer.


Example for getting indexes in your own list.

Can I send you my project and have a look or can we discute together? please

I have one problem is when the button has the same name like the other it give me the same index number

You can send me your project.