The AirTable API (a more efficient way to integrate AirTable with Thunkable)

I’ve had the pleasure of working on a few AirTable projects recently.

One thing I’ve learned is doing stuff like this is inefficient once you start to get a lot of data.

You should try to limit how much data you call and the number of API calls. To update a record, you shouldn’t get all rows, loop through all rows until you find the row you need to update, then update that row.

With the AirTable API you can use things like filterByFormula to query the data in one call to reduce the data you are retrieving.

So in this video I demo the concepts of how to use the AirTable API. I will also share the set up and screen shots of the blocks.

NOTE: This is an advanced approach.



Thunkable API Configuration

Create Record

Read Record (using filterByFormula)

Update Record (Record ID stored on data retrieval)

Delete Record (Record ID stored on data retrieval)


Oooh… I think I just learned that I can use the Firebase API for making a PATCH call to update a particular child in the database. This should be very useful. Thanks, @Darren!

Great! Glad I could point that out. PATCH was recently added.