How to filter Airtable data to local DB to display in Data Viewer?

I’m trying to filter some data from an airtable to a local DB in my app

The image below shows how i filter the data

  1. I search for users with an ID and if “status” is = to “Asked”
  2. then i have 5 variables that store the lists of any of the found users from 1.)
  3. then I’m trying to get the properties of the objects of the user and store them into there designated variable ← I feel like there’s an easier way to get the objects… is there a better way to go about this?)

The image below shows how I’m trying to add all the filtered data to the local database in the app:

Screenshot 2021-02-19 232916

However right now I get a screen that looks like this:

I tried to see what the data was filtering to by setting the list “Homework Help Request–” to a label’s text but I just got [object, Object] and i’m not sure if that’s where I’m messing up? Is this possible to do? If you’ve done something similar to what I’m trying to do I would appreciate it if you could share any advice or tips!

I know how to filter Airtable data with a list and listviewer but in this case I really need to have the filtered data be displayed in a dataviewer.

thanks for reading all the way down here if you did! And thanks in advance to those who leave responses!


Here’s the link to the airtable if you’d like to get a closer look!


Please see my example to achieve the same

This is built on Local Storage but the sample principle applies for Airtable.


Thanks a lot, @muneer!

This is a perfect solution - I was trying to find a solution myself but it didn’t work out… And when I saw your project & tried it, it worked like a charm!

btw I am using a Google Sheet as my data source & I can confirm this solution works for it as well :+1: