Show specific rows from airtable in a data viewer list

Hi thunkers, I’m new in thunkable and I really need help with this: I have a data viewer list connected with a base sheet in Airtable already with the UserID as a column taken from Firebase. I’m trying to show the information of the data viewer list only from the current’s user, in other words, get and show from airtable only the rows which contain the current’s user ID. Thank you!

you mean when user login he will get his information on the page?

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in the realtime DB rules page, enter auth !=null in airtable you can’t really use auth

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Yes, and his info is shown in the data viewer list. Ideas for blocks?

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I’m using airtable as DB for a data viewer list. Do You think I should change my database? Ir would be easier in realtime DB or in a Google Sheet to do what I need?

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See this example

I’m taking the selected category from first table and then loop through the second table to extract only matching records and append them in the third table to view the result in a DVL.

The other way is to use Airtable API to extract the matching records.

If you need to view your table using DVL then you are limited to 3 choices

  • Airtable
  • Google sheet
  • Local table

If you opt to use Firebase then you need to select the required data and save it to a local table which is bound the your DVL.


I think the use of the Airtable API would be a solution, but again, I need help with the blocks in getting only these specific rows with Airtable API…any example of that? Thank you!

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You can find great tutorial made by @Darren here

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