Data_Viewer and airtabel

I have a question , in the Data_Viewer i connect the Data_Viewer with airtable Is it possible to show
Some rows from airtable

for example : this is my airtabel project

i want to show in the Data_Viewer just the Rows that contain ( Electronics ) Is that possible ??


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See this example

In screen 1 it gives a list of categories and when you select one category then the Data Viewer List displays only the items with the selected category.

its not work with airtabel ??

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I am sure it is working with Airtable but I made it with Local Data Source to avoid privacy issued and API keys.

when i add air tabel project the is no option fro Delete all Rows

if you can please create fro me example app i dont need to create Category List
all what i need one data viewer to show some rows from my airtabel project

thank you fro helping @muneer

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The idea of the sample project is to have two different data sources, one from Airtable and another local data source.

You will read the values of the Airtable and save them in the local data source only if the values matches a certain value.

The local data source is the own connected to the data viewer list and will show your selected values.

thank you so much fro helping

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