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Hi Team.

Is there a way of showing data from an airtable view (Filtered) in the Data viewer List in Thunkable. For example, if a user only wants to see restaurants open on Mon, then i want to show the user a a view that is filtered to only show restaurants open on Monday. I have been looking through the forums and it mentions API etc but i was hoping for an easy way to change the Data List Viewer to the Airtable view that suits as mentioned.
Thanks in advance (Very new to Thunkable)

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Welcome to Thunkable.

When you connect to your data source (Airtable) the setting page has a view field which shows a default entry as grid, change this grid to whatever you called your filter and you should see only the rows in this filter.

Hope that helps.

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This is a good idea. Just be aware of this issue:

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I just added a comment to the report.

My comment:
Thunkable lately provided a feature to edit the Custom Layout Name. If we can at least have a similar feature to edit the name of the Data Source then it would be a first step towards resolving this ambiguity.

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Thank you. I hope you’ll comment on this one as well:

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I just did.

See my comments:
One difficulty I face when using Custom Layout is trying different options in the layout to finally choose one and this produces a number of very similar layouts to choose from. The lack of the name being displayed with the layout makes it so difficult to deal with.

Another issue, is that if the layout does not have visual components then it is not presented in the list in the project or presented with an empty rectangle. Having a name on the side or on top of it will help better identifying it.

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So sorry, i cant seem to find the view option you mentioned, could i trouble you for some screenshots please?

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To start a new connection you will go to this option and click +

You should see this next

Click Create New and choose Airtable from the next screen

You should reach to this

Enter your key and select a base then
Click on Use A Custom View

Enter you view name.

Hope this is clear

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