How to show filtered records in Data Viewer List?


I am finally using Data Viewer List for my apps. Till now, I have just experimented with it through small-small apps, and now I am working on a big scale project, which requires custom-listviewer implementation.

So, the case is like this -

  • I would be using Airtable Sheet as my Data Source.

  • Sample data would be like -

  • What I want to do is, show only those Notices, whose Date = 31/07/2020 (for example).

  • So, ultimately the code would filter out all the notices which satisfy the condition, and display them in the data viewer list.

  • I would be using this layout - image
    (Please note, the sample data also has a column of image)

So, that was my idea, and I would like to know whether it’s possible to show filtered records from airtable through code.

Thanks a lot!


See example in scrGoogleSheetFilteresRecords in